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Modak Sandstone Paving

These Modak Paving slabs are made from natural Indian sandstone. Each piece is unique and features its own individual blend of colours including beige, yellow and cream with pinks and orange. The slabs feature a natural riven surface with an even 22mm thickness which allows for an easy installation and a level finished product with a beautiful texture. As a natural sandstone these paving slabs are durable and frost resistant which will blend well into any landscape or garden environment. Available in a choice of two packs containing either 40 pieces of 600x600mm or 85 pieces of 600x300mm covering 14.88m² and 16.07m² respectively.

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  • Modak Sandstone Paving
  • Modak Sandstone Paving
  • Modak Sandstone Paving
  • Modak Sandstone Paving
  • Modak Sandstone Paving
  • Modak Sandstone Paving

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Product information

Modak Sandstone Paving

Applications: Patios, pathways and decorative landscaping projects

Features: Ethically sourced,  natural paving product,  unique colour tones, stunning riven surface and frost resistant 

Actual Sizing: Paving slabs measuring 600x600mm or 600x300mm, each with a uniform 22mm thickness

Colour: A natural blend of yellow, buff, cream with orange and pink

Material: Indian sandstone

Availability: Packs containing the following combinations

  • 40 pieces, measuring 600x600mm, covering 14.88m²
  • 85 pieces, measuring 600x300mm, covering 16.07m²

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  • Modak 2.4m Circle & Squaring Kit

    Modak 2.4m Circle & Squaring Kit

    This hand crafted Modak Circle is an even 22mm thickness allowing for a quick and easy installation with a level finish. Measuring 2.4m in diameter, the circle has a laid surface area of 4.75m² with the squaring-kit adding a further coverage of 1.4m². Each Indian sandstone piece is unique and features shades of pink, buff and cream with natural layering and a riven textured surface. This product is resistant to frost so will weather well and is perfect to add a decorative paved feature to your garden design.

    Prices quoted below are inclusive of standard delivery and VAT
  • Modak Sandstone Patio Pack

    Modak Sandstone Patio Pack

    Manufactured using Indian Sandstone, the Modak Patio Pack is ideal for creating decorative garden paving in any size. Featuring a warm natural blend of buff, beige and creamy yellow, with shades of orange and pink, layered throughout, no two pieces are alike creating a beautiful finish. Available in a pack size covering 15.37m², each including 4 sizes of paving - 900 x 600mm, 600 x 600mm, 600 x 300mm & 300 x 300mm, they can be laid in a variety of combinations for irregular shaped areas - Please see our Design Layout Ideas, in the product information, below.

    Prices quoted below are inclusive of delivery & VAT
  • Forest Glen Sandstone Paving

    Forest Glen Sandstone Paving

    The Forest Glen Paving Slabs are made of sandstone from India that feature blue, green, plum and beige colour tones with each piece having it's own unique blend of colours and natural stone layering to create an attractive paved area. Cut for an even 22mm thickness for easier installation and level finish, they are durable and frost resistant, mellowing in colour over time as they weather, settling into any landscape or property development. Supplied in a choice of 3 packs; 28 pieces 900x600x22mm, covering 15.54m², weighing 820kg, 40 pieces of 600x600x22mm at 780kg for 14.88m² or 600x300x22mm in a pack of 85 pieces, with a surface area of 16.07m² at around 800kg.

    Prices below include standard delivery and VAT
  • Fossil Mint Sandstone Paving

    Fossil Mint Sandstone Paving

    The Fossil Mint sandstone paving features a warm blend of beige and buff, mixed with layers of rusty brown. Sourced from mines in India, these paving slabs create a beautiful finish that mellows over time as the stone weathers so will settle well into any landscape or property development. Supplied in 3 pack sizes; 600x300mm, in a pack of 85 pieces, covering 16.07m² at around 800kg, 40 pieces of 600x600x22mm at 780kg with a surface covering of 14.88m² or a pallet of 900x600x22mm, including 28 pieces that covers 15.54m².

    Prices quoted below are inclusive of delivery & VAT
  • Broadway Riven Paving Natural

    Broadway Riven Paving Natural

    Our Broadway Riven Natural Paving has a stunning riven textured surface and beige/grey colour tones that will blend well with any classic or contemporary garden design. Pack sizes consist of 30 pieces with each piece measuring 600x600mm and covering 11.91m² or 60 slabs measuring 450x450mm to cover 13.54m². Perfect for any landscaping project, garden patio or property development this paving will maintain it's look for a long time to come with proper maintenance, the colour mellowing over time as it weathers. Looking for a different finish, have a look at our  Broadway Smooth Natural or a for a different colour, see our  Broadway Riven Buff.

    Prices quoted below are inclusive of delivery and VAT