Portland Black Porcelain Paving

Our Portland Black Porcelain Paving tiles feature rich charcoal colour tones with a subtle shimmer in the sunlight. Available in two size options, from 31.87 per m², each slab has an attractive riven surface that is easy to maintain. These Italian porcelain tiles offer a more cost effective solution for your garden or landscaping project. If this colour doesn’t suit, check out the other products in the range which include Portland Grey and Portland Buff.

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  • Portland Black Porcelain Paving
  • Portland Black Porcelain Paving
  • Portland Black Porcelain Paving
  • Portland Black Porcelain Paving

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Product information

Portland Black Porcelain Paving

Applications: Suitable for landscaping installations, garden patios and other paved areas

Features: Cost effective, combining the performance of Porcelain with a riven stone effect texture

Colour: Portland Black - darkest grey of the Country range with a riven surface texture

Material: Porcelain tiles

Availability: Pre-packed pallets of;

  • 600x600x20mm - Full Pack of 60 tiles covering 21.60m² = £31.87 per m²
  • 600x600x20mm - 1/3 Pack of 20 tiles covering 7.20m² = £42.41 per m²
  • 800x400x20mm - Full Pack of 54 tiles covering 17.28m² = £35.62 per m²
  • 800x400x20mm - 1/3 Pack of 18 tiles covering 5.76m² = £48.32 per m²

Also Available: We also supply the Country range in the Portland Grey and Buff colours, or our other Porcelain paving range including the; Evolution, Stonerock, Regale and Wood collections

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  • Portland Buff Porcelain Paving

    Portland Buff Porcelain Paving

    With warm sandy tones, our Portland Buff Porcelain is the brightest colour in the range. Available from £31.87 per m², in two size options and is a cost effective porcelain product. The attractive riven surface has a delicate sparkle in the sunlight and is frost and slip resistant. As a very easy to clean and maintain product, our Italian Portland Porcelain range comes in 3 colour options. If this colour doesn’t suit your needs, also have a look at our Portland Black or our Portland Grey

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  • Portland Grey Porcelain Paving

    Portland Grey Porcelain Paving

    Featuring a riven surface which has a subtle sparkle in the sunlight, our Portland Grey Porcelain Paving is a cool, contemporary grey colour from £31.87 per m². This innovative Italian product is perfect for the smaller budget whilst still providing all the modern technical qualities of porcelain. It is available in two size options and is suitable for any garden design. Other colours in this range include Portland Black and Portland Buff

    Prices below include a 5 working day delivery to the entered postcode and VAT

    More Information and Porcelain Laying Guide

  • Stonerock Black Porcelain Paving

    Stonerock Black Porcelain Paving

    The darkest in our porcelain range, our Stonerock Black Porcelain Paving tiles consist of dark grey and black colour tones. With a natural stone texture, this product is hard wearing, easy to maintain and clean It also provides a frost resistant surface. Perfect for modern or traditional projects, it can also be combined with other colours in the range which consist of Ash Stone, White Stone and Light Stone. Available in a choice of two pallet quantities; 42 tiles, covering 21m² at £45.46 per m², or 14 tiles that cover 7m² costing £57.40 per m².

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  • Evolution Dusk Porcelain Paving

    Evolution Dusk Porcelain Paving

    Our Evolution range combines all the natural beauty of granite with all the modern qualities of Italian porcelain. Available in a choice of two sizes; 900x400x20mm from £40.99 per m² or 1200x600x20mm from £48.41 per m², our Evolution Dusk Porcelain Paving features tones of light grey with flecks of white and dark greys. These stunning porcelain tiles give a natural granite look and are a low maintenance product. Perfect for use either by itself or combined with our Evolution Ice.

    The prices include VAT & delivery within 5 working days to the postcode entered

    More Information and Porcelain Laying Guide

  • Universal Oak Porcelain Paving

    Universal Oak Porcelain Paving

    Our wood effect Porcelain Paving offers a fantastic alternative to decking. Our Universal Oak has a blend of driftwood tones alongside cool birch colours. The stunning grey and brown colour tones are ideal within both traditional and contemporary garden designs. This Italian porcelain tile is available from £49.13 per m², measung 805 x 405 x 20mm offering a low maintenance and easy to clean product. Other colour tones in this range include our Greige Wood, Grey Wood and Ash Wood.

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