David's Large Male & Female Foo Dog

Originating in China, the shishi or guardian lions are a traditional symbolic protection for the home and are always displayed as a pair. The female (Yin) is intended to protect the people in residence and the Yang (Male) protecting the structure. The name comes from their resemblance to the Chow Chow and Shih Tzu Dogs and the name has since stuck. Our large Foo Dogs measure 711mm x 279mm x 356mm and are supplied as traditionally intended in a pair. They are commonly positioned at entry points to a garden or home as a mythical guardian and as symbols of strength and success.

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  • David's Large Male & Female Foo Dog
  • David's Large Male & Female Foo Dog

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Product information

David's Large Male & Female Foo Dog

Applications: Landscape ornament suitable for traditional and contemporary style projects

Actual Sizing: 711mm x 279mm x 356mm

Colour: River Stone (A rustic brown colour as pictured)

Material: Wet cast concrete

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