Privacy Policy


This policy is written to clarify how information gained about users of the Stone Warehouse Website is managed, to protect privacy. Security of customer’s personal data is of the upmost importance to Stone Warehouse so has informed much of how the company has been created, organised, and the implementation of activities, both on-line and off-line are structured.

Linkages Characteristics

Specific practices detailed in Stone Warehouses’ Privacy Policy apply to the Stone Warehouse eCommerce website. Linked bodies and entities to the Stone Warehouse eCommerce website may employ different practices, but the commitment to customer privacy is the same.

Users are encouraged to review this privacy policy statement, along with those of other linked bodies and entities when using the Stone Warehouse eCommerce website, and others.

Purpose Specifications and Data Collection

Browsing the Stone Warehouse eCommerce website can be done without disclosing any personal information. Visits to the Stone Warehouse eCommerce website are logged, with the date & time of the visit, the originating IP address, domain name, browser type and operating system used (if provided by the browser). He URL (web address) for the referring page, if provided by the browser is also recorded.

Should a user wish to consider placing an order, initially the delivery postcode is required to provide the product availability and delivered prices to that address, inclusive of VAT. This postcode is stored by the website for the duration of the user’s visit to allow prices of other viewed products to be displayed without the need for re-entry of the postcode and is classed as a ‘Session Cookie’ (Please see the Cookie Policy for further details).

Progression to adding product(s) to the basket with the intent of placing an order requires further information to be entered, including the customer’s billing information and delivery address, along with payment details.

During the order checkout process, should a user wish to place an order as a ‘guest,’ this is perfectly acceptable, and their personal data is stored in line with GDPR regulations for the purposes of order processing and dispatch of product(s) only. However, if the user registers for a Stone Warehouse account, their entered data is stored securely for the same purpose, with any marketing contact made, offering exclusive offers and need products, only if this has been specifically requested when completing registration.

Cookies and Other Technologies

Anonymous information is collected from website visits, used to help develop the Sone Warehouse eCommerce website and improve service provision.

Visit activity from specific domains is recorded, but anonymity maintained for user privacy. Information is collected regarding the user volume to different area of the Stone Warehouse eCommerce website helping to improve accessibility. Logs are periodically accessed to determine server traffic to the site, which pages were viewed and by how many users as a guide for demand for certain pages, content topics and information provided.

Combined with order volumes, Stone Warehouse also uses site visits to determine product popularity, allowing positional changes to improve those not visited as much as others should the company wish to push sales of a particular product.

Log information may be indefinitely preserved to maintain website security, prevent breaches, and protect user data stored on servers.

Digital technologies are used to collect anonymous information, including the use of website “Cookies” which is an element of data sent by the Stone Warehouse eCommerce website to users’ browser and may then be stored on the device hard drive.

As described above, should a customer register a Stone Warehouse account, and choose to save their login details to avoid being forced to re-enter their details upon every visit, cookies are used to store this information.

Stored anonymous information is analysed at an aggregate level only, to inform patterns and user trends, and never at individual level. Should a user wish to stop transactional data being used in this way, cookies can be disabled.

Visitor's Choice

Registration of a Stone Warehouse account requires personal information to be entered, so the data is no longer anonymous and will be available to Stone Warehouse staff for the purposes of order processing, contact as part of the delivery, or to provide marketing information if this option has been selected hen registration was completed. If a customer no longer wishes to receive promotional and marketing contact, Stone Warehouse should be notified by email

Individual Participation / Access

Users and customers can ask whether Stone Warehouse is holding their personal and request a copy of the information stored. Before providing private details, Stone Warehouse will require proof of identification and reserves the right of refusal to send any data.

Every effort will be made to respond to questions, information requests, or corrections to data inaccuracies of personal details. Users and customers can ask for correction or deletion of personal information at any time. Requests in writing should be made via email, to


Quality and integrity of stored personal information is protected. Stone Warehouse has implemented policies and technologies to accomplish this, protecting personal data from unauthorised access, improper use, alteration, unlawful, or accidental destruction and loss.

Stone Warehouse staff with access to personal information are contracted to respect the privacy of website visitors, users, and customers, maintaining confidentiality of private details.

Stone Warehouse will not sell, rent, or disseminate personal information to anyone, other than for the processing and delivery of ordered products.

Personally identifiable information about Stone Warehouse eCommerce website visitors, users and customers is only supplied to companies, persons, or agencies in response to:

  • Legitimate requests for information, made by the authorities.
  • Court Orders to provide such information.
  • Actions by Stone Warehouse eCommerce visitors, users, and customers violate Stone Warehouse Terms of Use and statement policies.


The Stone Warehouse eCommerce website includes links to third party website and is in no way responsible for their website content, terms and conditions, or policies.

Privacy Support

For additional support, information, or to answer questions about the Stone Warehouse eCommerce website, privacy policy, please Contact Us, send an email to:, or call 01629 636212.

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