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Gabion Baskets

Garden Gabion Baskets are now available to add something that little bit different to your garden projects. Available in 5 different sizes and made from galvanised steel wire, formed into mesh panels that are then fixed together to create a cage or box-like structure. These structures alone are immensely strong but can then be made stronger and more attractive by being filled with large granular material such as Cobbles & BouldersRockery Stone and our Larger Paddlestones. They can then be linked or configured together in a variety of ways to form a fixed wall or barrier.

Please see our 'How To' video section for advice on creating your gabion basket.

Gabions are a niche product used in the construction industry for earth retention and land reinforcement. You are most likely to see them retaining the sloped banks of earth next to motorways.

Unfortunately, these structures have never been that easy to source. The available sizes, quantities and supply chain have made it extremely difficult for landscaping or garden use.

That is until now.

Fill it with what you want…Use it how you like.

Just choose how you will use your new design feature. Will it be…         

  • A wall or a planter
  • A water feature or a table
  • A bench, step or use it as a border.

Or a combination of these different concepts. The choice is yours!  Available in the following sizes see below.