Gabion Basket 750mm³

The largest of our Gabion Baskets is 750mm³, suitable for a decoraive interior walls or an outdoor table & bench with a wood topper, water features, fountains and pond-side decoration. Manufactured from durable 3mm Steel wire, that is Galvanised and Powder Coated for longevity, these baskets are built to British Standard BSEN10244-2;2001 and are sure to add a unique finish for any landscaping project or property development. We also have a slightly smaller 610mm³, along with our much smaller 276mm³320mm³ & 372mm³ Gabion baskets.

 How to Create a Gabion Basket Feature
  • Gabion Basket 750mm³
  • Gabion Basket 750mm³
  • Gabion Basket 750mm³
  • Gabion Basket 750mm³

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Product information

Gabion Basket 750mm³

Applications: Structural landscaping, decorative garden walling, borders and water features, interior design features


  • Easy to assemble, no tools required. (helical coil binders included)
  • Suitable for many filler materials, bigger than the mesh size.

Actual Sizing: 750x750x750mm

Material: Powder Coated & Galvanised 3mm Steel Wire

British Standard BSEN10244-2;2001

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    Gabion Basket 635mm³

    Our 635mm³ landscaping Gabion Baskets are larger in size than our other 276mm³, 320mm³ & 372mm³ Gabions, suitable for an interior design wall or outdoor table and seating bench, water fountain or perhaps a decorative garden border, these gabion baskets are sure to add that little bit extra to any property development. Please also see our largest 750mm³ sized basket.

     How to Create a Gabion Basket Feature
  • Gabion Basket 372mm³

    Gabion Basket 372mm³

    Our 372 mm³ Gabion Baskets were originally intended as a structural landscaping solution, used for ground works around public highways etc, and to reduce the effects of erosion, without changing the natural water course, stabilising uneven ground. However, these Powder coated and Galvanised 3mm Steel wire baskets, are increasingly popular for decorative projects, both for interior design and external decoration outside your home, such as lined up with a topper for an out door seating area. Why not try something a little different, filling these durable Gabions with wood or even stacked, empty wine bottles reflecting light for a splash of colour. We also stock both smaller and large size Gabions too!

     How to Create a Gabion Basket Feature
  • Gabion Basket 320mm³

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    Our 320mm³ Gabion Baskets can be used for both decorative and structural landscaping projects. Once filled with stone, they can be stacked for a stone wall feature in a property development, or lined up and topped with wood for an attractive outdoor seating solution. They can be used to reduce the effects of erosion and stabalise uneven ground, while maintaining water drainage, or even as an individual interior feature, filled with polished pebbles, wood or even something a little different, using stacked wine bottles. Why not have a look at our other Gabion Basket sizes?

     How to Create a Gabion Basket Feature
  • Gabion Basket 276mm³

    Gabion Basket 276mm³

    The smallest of our Gabion Baskets is 276mm³, manufactured from 3mm, galvanised steel wire which is powder coated to British Standards (BSEN10244-2;2001), with a 50mm wire mesh for materials sized above this to avoid any loss. These Gabions are used for both decorative & structural landscaping such as stone walling for a property development, topped with wood for an outdoor seating project, to reduce the effects of erosion, while maintaining drainage and stabalising uneven ground. We also stock larger Gabion Baskets.

     How to Create a Gabion Basket Feature