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Garden Membrane

Anyone who has had at least one full day of weeding (and received an aching back as a reward), will champion the use of garden membrane as a method to keep those dreaded weeds away.

We currently offer three different types of garden membrane; our Weed Control Fabric is an excellent option for tough perennial weeds, flower beds and shrubs, vegetable patches, decorative aggregate areas, or under as protection for underneath garden decking. The Heavy Duty Woven Polypropylene Membrane is suitable for driveways & footpaths, garden gravelled areas or landscaping projects where the material being used is sharper and expected to have a higher level of foot and vehicular traffic.

Stone Warehouse tip: It is important that you loosen the soil and remove any weeds, roots and stones prior to positioning the membrane. Please note that particularly invasive weeds will need weedkiller to be applied first and we reccommend laying a double layer of the membrane and use our Plastic Weed Membrane Fixing Pegs or Garden Membrane Ground Hooks to secure in place.