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Landtex Weed Control Fabric Membrane

Landtex membranes are specifically designed to control weed growth for your garden. Landtex has the highest specification of all weed control and landscaping fabrics. It is breathable, allowing air and moisture to permeate through in order to maintain a healthy and fertile soil beneath so is suitable for under hedge borders, rose beds or veg patches. If you're looking to lay decking, a pathway or patio, the Landtex Membrane can help to limit cleaning & maintenance, reducing the chances of later weed growth or moss accumilation. For a driveway, we also stock a stronger Polypropylene Weed Membrane for increased durability and longevity and for a more securely laid membrane why not combine your purchase with our Fixing Pegs.

Please Note: Our Membrane range is only available for purchase with an order of stone

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Landtex Weed Control Fabric Membrane

Applications: Weed suppressant for decorative garden borders and Rockeries, herb gardens, veg patches and rose beds, landscaping projects with minimal foot traffic


  • Mass per unit area - 70.00g/m²
  • Thickness - 0.54mm
  • Tensile Strength - 4.97Mpa (Machine Direction) - 3.86Mpa (Cross Machine Direction)
  • Elongation - 212.02% (Machine Direction) - 234.58% (Cross Machine Direction)
  • Tensile Load - 134.35N (Machine Direction) - 104.25N (Cross Machine Direction)
  • BK Load - 124.35N (Machine Direction) - 97.0N (Cross Machine Direction)

Availability: Choice of 2 sizes intended for purchase along with an order of stone

  • 1m width x 15m in length
  • 2m width x 25m in length

For driveways, please use our Polypropylene Weed Membrane

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    PLEASE NOTE: Our Weed Membranes are supplied as an add-on product only, intended for purchase along with an order of stone
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    Available for purchase along with an order of our decorative stone products.
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    Prices shown below include VAT and delivery.

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    Prices quoted below include delivery and VAT
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