Go Garden Multipurpose Compost

Our premium quality multi-purpose compost contains a blend of sedge and moss peat aided by a very good fertiliser with natural wetting agents to produce optimum moisture control. There are no green waste elements, issues of cross contamination are negated and a combination of natural virgin wood fibres are added to aid drainage and root aeration. Go Garden is a superb, light weight aerated multi-purpose compost that has been developed to offer optimum results and it is available in pallets of 24 x 70litre bags. Please also see our Go Garden Topsoil and Landscape Bark.

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Product information

Go Garden Multipurpose Compost

Availability: Supplied in pallets of 662kg (24x 70ltr bags)

Delivery: Our Go Garden products are dispatched directly using a haulage company who do NOT offer Timed or Saturday deliveries. Weed membranes and fixing pegs/hooks cannot be added orders for this product


  • Milled Sedge Peat (von Post H6-H9): 50%
  • OTB Sphagnum Moss Peat (von Post H3-H6): 10%
  • Graded Wood/Bark Fines Blend (matured to Solvita 8/9): 30%
  • Stabilised Expanded Wood Fibre: 10%

All substrate milled through Foreberg Mill with 10mm slotted basket.


  • Godwins 'B Mix' granular NPK fertiliser – 13-11-23: 0.95 kg/m3
  • Calcium Nitrate: 0.20 kg/m3
  • Magnesium Limestone powder: up to 3 kg/m3 (to correct pH and provide magnesium trace element)
  • Wetting agent: N/A (Unnecessary owing to the natural water retention properties of sedge peat)

Safety Precautions:

  • Conductivity range: 300 – 600
  • PH range: 5 to 7
  • Bulk density range: 400 to 500 g/l

Article Size range: 90% of substrate mix in 0-12mm range

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    Price below includes VAT and deliv