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Landscaping Bark

Using landscaping chipped bark in any landscaping project will enhance an outdoor space with a natural and healthy appearance.

In addition to its aesthetically pleasing aspects, other more practical benefits of using landscaping bulk bark chippings include the insulation of plants and their roots and added protection against weeds.

Bark chip is also the ideal material to put in your garden if you have children or if you are making a children's play area. Play bark is great for this purpose as it is soft and forgiving, it will not hurt children if they were to fall on it and is much safer than gravel or slate chips. 

Our landscaping chipped bark is a high quality product and is available in cubic metre bulk bags. All prices shown include delivery and VAT to required postcode.

Stone Warehouse Suggests...

As with Garden Membrane, prior to laying your bark, ensure that any weeds in your border are well controlled to limit their potential growth and spread beneath the covering.