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Rock Salt

Rock Salt (both brown and white) can be used to clear paths and driveways of frost, ice or snow.  We have supplies readily available, bagged in Bulk Bags, or our easier to manage 20kg bags.  Our Rock Salt is pure (meaning it isn't mixed with any grit or sand) and is compliant with British Standard BS3247 (the specification for salt for spreading on highways for winter maintenance).

Rock salt is an investment in the security of your pathway, drive or stairs outside your home. Buy a rock salt bin from us to store your rock salt so it can be easily accessible when the cold, icy weather comes to call. 

Stone Warehouse suggests: Sprinkle Rock Salt on a path or drive when snow, ice or a heavy frost is forecast.  If the snow has already fallen, try using a shovel or brush to clear deeper areas before scattering the Rock Salt generously.