Bordeaux Monolith 400-600mm

Measuring between 400-600mm and weigh between 20-60kg, our small size Bordeaux Monoliths are a perfect focal point for any garden rockery, ornamental water feature or landscaping scheme. Featuring a deep blend of red and purple wit fine seams of white detailing they are supplied individually on a pallet with a tail lift lorry delivery and pump truck offload (Delivery Info). We also stock these attractive monoliths in the larger 600-800mm800-1100mm sizes along with our other colour options; AngelApricotLilac and Bordeaux, or our Drilled Monoliths.

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Bordeaux Monolith 400-600mm

Applications: Suitable for ornamental water features, garden rockeries or as a feature stone in a contemporary landscaping scheme

Actual Sizing: Measuring 400-600mm & weighing around 20-60kg (NOT DRILLED)

Colour: Purple and shades of Red wine with seams of white

Material: Quartzite

Please note: Care must be taken when lifting these large and heavy feature stones and we would suggest no fewer than 2 people should attempt to move these pieces for safety.

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    Bordeaux Monolith 800-1100mm

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    Prices below include VAT and delivery.