Large Slate Monolith 10

This Slate Monolith is a wide irregularly shaped shard standing at around 1.22 metres, it is an eye catching piece that is suitable for landscaping schemes, garden rockeries and water features. Supplied individually on a pallet the monolith in the photographs is the one you will receive so you can order with confidence that your choice will be a perfect addition to your outdoor project. Weighing approximately 200kg, care must be taken when moving a piece of this size, but once it is in place it will this will create an impressive focal point for both traditional and contemporary settings.

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  • Large Slate Monolith 10
  • Large Slate Monolith 10
  • Large Slate Monolith 10

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Product information

This product is Fish Friendly

Large Slate Monolith 10

Applications: A feature stone for a garden rockery or as a focal point in a landscaping scheme, or water feature

Actual Sizing: Measuring aproximately 1220mm (4ft) in length and weighing at around 200kg

Colour: Charcoal grey that darkens when wet with some rust detailing

Shape: Wide, naturally shaped shard with a flat cut base

Material: Slate

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