Mixed Boulders VB4

Featuring a pale blend of grey and shades of blue our Mixed Boulders VB4 includes 6 complementary sized stones, suitable for contemporary landscaping, garden borders and decorative rockeries, or to line a driveway to stop people going on the grass. Supplied on a pallet with a tai lift lorry delivery (Delivery Info).

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  • Mixed Boulders VB4
  • Mixed Boulders VB4
  • Mixed Boulders VB4

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Product information

This product is Not Fish Friendly

Mixed Boulders VB4

Applications: Decorative garden rockeries, ornamental water features and contemporary landscaping schemes

Actual Sizing: Boulders graded between 300-400mm approx.

Colour: Pale grey with some shades of bluish grey that all deepen when wet

Shape: Naturally rounded, irregular boulders

Material: Mixed stone including Limestone

Supply: 6 complementary boulders, supplied on a pallet with on a curtain side, tail lift lorry delivery and pump truck offload, NOT a crane so please ensure that you have the means to move these heavy stones safely before ordering as the delivery driver will be unable to place them for you (Delivery Info)

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