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  • Flamingo® Pebbles 20-50mm Flamingo® Pebbles 20-50mm Applications: Decorative garden borders, rockeries, landscaping projects and plant pot topping Actual Sizing: 20-50mm (variation is possible) Colour: A contrasting mix of blue-grey with shades of peachy pinks, cream and white Shape: Irregular rounded pieces
  • Flamingo® Gravel 14-20mm Flamingo® Gravel 14-20mm Application: Driveways and gravel foot paths, lawn borders, raised beds and decorative garden rockeries, or for an interior design feature Actual Sizing: Graded 14-20mm with some slight variation possible Colour:…
  • Flamingo® Gravel 3-8mm Flamingo® Gravel 3-8mm Applications: Pebble dashing, plant pot topper, filler between paving slabs, landscaping and garden decoration. Actual sizing: Graded between 3 -8mm Colour: Pink, white, peach, grey and blue, darkening when wet…
  • Oyster Pebbles 20mm Oyster Pebbles 20mm Applications: Garden and landscaping projects, interior feature decoration, water features, borders, rockeries, ponds and aquatics Actual Sizing: Graded 14-20mm Colour: A blend of bluey grey, brown and cream Shape: Irregularly shaped water worn rounded pebbles Material
  • Black Pebbles 20-40mm Black Pebbles 20-40mm Applications: Decorative garden rockeries, borders, landscaping projects, roofing and water features Actual Sizing: Graded 20-40mm Colour: Dark grey when dry darkening to black when wet Shape: Irregularly shaped pebbles with rounded edges Material: Limestone
  • Dove Grey Pebbles 8-15mm Dove Grey Pebbles 8-15mm Applications: Water features, ponds and aquatics, decorative garden borders, rockeries and landscaping schemes Actual Sizing: Graded 8-15mm  Colour: Shades of grey, brown and beige with colour threads Shape: Naturally rounded, irregular shaped pebbles Material
  • Oyster Pebbles 40mm Oyster Pebbles 40mm Applications: Landscaping, decorative garden borders, rockeries, water features, ponds and aquatics Actual Sizing: Graded 20-40mm with variation possible Colour: Mix of white, dark grey, cream and brown Shape: Rounded irregularly shaped pebbles Material: Silica Flint
  • Rainbow Pebbles 20-40mm Rainbow Pebbles 20-40mm Applications: Fish ponds, water features, decorative garden borders, rockeries and landscaping projects Actual Sizing: Sized between 20-40mm Colour: Beige-buff colour with rusty red and orange layered banding that darken when wet Shape: Naturally rounded pebbles
  • Raspberry Pebbles 20-40mm Raspberry Pebbles 20-40mm Applications: Decorative internal and external feature projects, pot topping, garden borders, rockeries, water features, ponds and landscaping schemes Actual Sizing...: Irregular shape rounded pebbles
  • Scottish Pebbles 20-30mm Scottish Pebbles 20-30mm Applications: Landscaping and decorative garden projects, borders, water features, ponds and aquatics Actual Sizing: Graded at 20-30mm, but as there is frequent...: Shades of brown, grey, pastel pink, red and beige Shape: Rounded pebbles Material: Granite

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