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  • Derbyshire Gold Chippings 10-20mm Derbyshire Gold Chippings 10-20mm Application: Paths, borders, decorative garden projects and landscaping, not suited to driveways as fairly soft compared to granites, basalt and flints. Actual Sizing: Graded between 10 & 20mm with possible variation as is a natural product Colour
  • Golden Gravel 14mm ;Flint Shingle
  • Golden Gravel Corn 6mm : Angular chippings Material: Flint shingle
  • Golden Gravel 10mm Golden Gravel 10mm Applications: Landscaping projects, roofing, pathways, aquatics, ponds, water features, rockeries and decorative garden areas Actual Sizing: Graded between 6-10mm Colour: Blend of yellow, cream, brown and grey Shape: Angular gravel Material: Silica Flint
  • Golden Gravel 20mm Golden Gravel 20mm Applications: Drives, paths, landscaping projects, decorative garden designs, rockeries, water features, ponds and aquatics Actual Szing: Sized 10-20mm Colour: Mixture of yellow, tan and cream with browns and greys Shape: Angular gravel Material: Flint ;
  • Moonstone Gravel 20mm Moonstone Gravel 20mm Applications: Drives, paths, landscaping, decorative garden projects, borders, water features, ponds and aquatics Actual Sizing: 10-20mm Colour: Mixture of cream, black, grey and rich brown Shape: Angular chipping Material: Flint ;
  • Oyster Pebbles 20mm : Marine flint
  • Oyster Pebbles 40mm Oyster Pebbles 40mm Applications: Landscaping, decorative garden borders, rockeries, water features, ponds and aquatics Actual Sizing: Graded 20-40mm with variation possible Colour: Mix of white, dark grey, cream and brown Shape: Rounded irregularly shaped pebbles Material: Silica Flint
  • Yorkshire Cream Pebbles 20mm pieces Material: Flint shingle
  • Oyster Pebbles 10mm irregular pieces Material: Marine flint

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