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  • Black Basalt Gravel 6mm Black Basalt Gravel 6mm Applications: Suitable for pebble dashing, Japanese style gardens, landscaping projects, fish ponds, aquariums and ornamental water features, lawn borders, raised beds... when wet Shape: Angular chippings Material: Volcanic basalt ;
  • Black Basalt Gravel 10mm Black Basalt Gravel 10mm Applications: Landscaping, driveways, garden decoration, water features, ponds, and pathways. Actual sizing: 6-10mm Colour: Charcoal grey, darkening to jet black when wet Shape: Angular gravel Material: Volcanic basalt
  • Black Basalt Gravel 14mm Black Basalt Gravel 14mm Applications: Landscaping, driveways, pathways, garden decoration, borders, water features, ponds and aquatics Actual sizing: 8-16mm Colour: Charcoal grey, darkening to jet black when wet Shape: Angular gravel Material: Volcanic Basalt
  • Black Basalt Gravel 20mm Black Basalt Gravel 20mm Applications: Landscaping, driveways, pathways, decorative garden borders, raised beds, rockeries, water features, ponds and aquatics Actual sizing: Graded between...;Volcanic Basalt
  • Derbyshire Gold Chippings 10-20mm Derbyshire Gold Chippings 10-20mm Application: Paths, borders, decorative garden projects and landscaping, not suited to driveways as fairly soft compared to granites, basalt and flints. Actual Sizing: Graded between 10 & 20mm with possible variation as is a natural product Colour
  • Multi Mix Gravel 8-11mm including marble and basalt
  • Black Ice® Chippings 14-20mm for an unwashed, mixed decorative aggregate. Shape: Angular  Material: Basalt and marble
  • Decorative Aggregates Sample Box Decorative Aggregates Sample Box Products Included: Apricot 14-20mm Flamingo 14-20mm Ice Blue 10-20mm Polar Ice 14-20mm Black Basalt 20mm Polar White 8-11mm Golden Flint 20mm Green Slate 20mm Charcoal Slate 20mm Plum Slate 20mm Moonstone 20mm Yorkshire Cream 14mm Nordic Mix Quartz
  • Sunset Red® Gravel 14-20mm Sunset Red® Gravel 14-20mm Applications: Landscaping projects, drive, footpaths, garden borders, raised beds and rockeries Actual sizing: Graded between 14-20mm Colour: Blend of rusty red and apricot colour tones Shape: Angular chippings Material:  Marble and Basalt
  • Ebony Black Cobbles 60-100mm darkening to near black when wet Shape: Rounded irregular pieces Material: Volcanic basalt

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