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  • David's Nichols Bubbler Fountain David's Nichols Bubbler Fountain Applications: Lawn ornament or water feature suitable for both traditional and contemporary gardens and landscaping projects Actual Sizing: 340mm x 760mm x 760mm Colour: Ancient Verde (a rustic shade of green) Material: Wet cast concrete
  • David's Camelot Fountain David's Camelot Fountain Applications: Garden or landscape water feature sitting well into both traditional and contemporary styled outdoor projects Actual Sizing: Measuring approximately 610mm x 762mm x 762mm Colour: Earth (Beige, Stone) Material: Wet cast Concrete
  • David's Small Tranquillity Fountain David's Small Tranquillity Fountain Applications: Garden water feature or lawn ornament, suitable for both traditional garden and contemporary landscaping projects Actual Sizing: 610mm x 762mm x 762mm Colour: Sepia (Aged brown colour as pictured) Material: Wet cast concrete
  • David's Duo Bowl Fountain David's Duo Bowl Fountain Applications: Garden and Landscape ornament or water feature, suitable for traditional and contemporary style outdoor projects Actual Sizing: 620mm x 810mm x 810mm Colour: Sepia (An aged rustic brown colour as pictured) Material: Wet cast Concrete
  • Buff Quartz Chippings 3-8mm Buff Quartz Chippings 3-8mm Applications: Pebble dashing, landscaping, decorative garden borders, pot topping, rockeries, water features, fountains, fish ponds and aquatics Actual Sizing: Sized between 3-8mm (slight variation, possible) Colour: Attractive biscuit colour which is a blend of beige
  • Polar White Chippings 20mm Polar White Chippings 20mm Applications: Landscaping projects, decorative garden borders, raised beds, rockeries, drives, paths, ornamental water features & fountains ; Actual sizing: 16-20mm (some variance is possible) Colour: White when dry that darkens slightly when wet
  • Red Laguna Pebbles 15-30mm Red Laguna Pabbles 15-30mm Applications: Landscaping projects and decorative garden rockeries, borders and raised beds, water fountains, fish ponds and aquatics Actual Sizing: Size Grading between 15-30mm with some variation possible Colour: Appearing pale when dry, these pebbles are a deep
  • Lemon Glass Pouch Lemon Glass Pebbles Applications: Wedding venue & table decoration, feature vase filling, as a plant pot topping or in an ornamental water fountain ;(Unsuitable for aquarium or terrarium use) Actual Sizing: Graded between 5-15mm Colour: Lemon - a mix of yellow and white
  • Petrified Wood Pieces Petrified Wood Pieces Application: Decorative garden rockeries, landscaping features and ornamental water fountains Colour: Mixed crystal colours show the mineral content Shape: Complementary sized & irregularly shaped, angular pieces Material: Petrified Wood
  • Angel Marbled Monolith Drilled Angel Marbled Monolith Drilled Applications: Landscaping projects, as a garden feature stone or decorative ornamental water fountain Actual Sizing: Monoliths measuring 700-1100mm in height, weighing between 90-210kg Colour: Layered shades of dark greenish grey, contrasting against

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