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  • Marbled Lilac Boulders 250mm Marbled Lilac Cobbles 250mm Applications: Decorative landscaping features, garden borders, raised beds and rockeries Actual Sizing: Graded 250mm with some variation likely Colour: White with dark purple and lilac marbling that darkens when wet Shape: Irregular, rounded boulders Material
  • Apricot Marbled Boulders 250mm Apricot Marbled Boulders 250mm Applications: Gabion Stone, landscaping projects, garden rockeries, borders and raised beds Actual Sizing: Graded 250mm but variation is possible as this is a natural product Colour: Banded with shades of cream and orange, darkening when wet Shape: Rounded
  • Angel Marbled Monolith 800-1100mm Angel Marbled Monolith 800-1100mm Applications: Landscape focal point, garden decoration and ornamental water features Actual Sizing: Sized at between 800-1100mm (Not drilled) Colour: Mix of black and white, with layered shades of green Material: Marble Please note: Our Monoliths
  • Marbled Lilac Rock 250mm Lilac Marbled Rock 250mm Applications: Landscaping projects, rockeries, raised beds, borders and ornamental water features (NOT suitable for fish ponds) Actual Sizing: Graded at approximately 250mm across (Some variance is likely) Colour: White with lilac and purple veins Shape
  • Angel Marbled Monolith Drilled 800-1100mm Angel Marbled Monolith Drilled 800-1100mm Applications: Landscaping project, garden feature stone or as a focal point in an ornamental water feature Actual Sizing: Sized at 800-1100mm high & weighing around 90-210kg Colour: Shades of grey, black and green alternating
  • Angel Whirlpool Boulders 250mm Angel Whirlpool Boulders 250mm Applications: Decorative garden rockeries and landscaping projects, as a gabion basket filler stone, garden borders and raised beds, ornamental water features... that darken when wet Shape: Rounded boulders Material: Layered, Metamorphic Gneiss
  • Cambrian Boulders 150-300mm Prices seen are inclusive of VAT & Delivery. Size: 150-300mm  Applications: Landscaping, Aquatics Main Uses: Hard-landscaping, Rockeries, Water Features, Focal points Colour: Grey, Brown, GreenShape: Rounded  Rock Type: Basalt,Gra…
  • Cambrian Boulders 200-300mm (Medium) Cambrian Boulders 200-300mm Applications: Landscaping projects, gabion baskets, decorative rockeries and garden borders, water features, ponds and aquatics Actual Sizing: Boulders between 200 & 300mm in size, but with some variation.  Approx 45 pieces per Crate. Colour: A mix
  • Rainbow Boulders 150-300mm Rainbow Boulders 100-300mm Applications: Ponds, aquatics, water features, gabion baskets, borders, landscaping and decorative garden rockeries Actual Sizing: 100-300mm with variation...;Rounded boulders Material: Natural Sandstone
  • Red Laguna Boulders 200-300mm Red Languna Boulders 200-300mm Applications: Landscaping, decorative garden borders, gabion baskets, rockeries, water features and fish ponds Actual Sizing: 200-300mm grading with some...: Naturally rounded boulders Material: Quartz

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