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  • Cotswold Chippings 4-10mm Cotswold Chippings 4-10mm Application: Decorative garden projects, pot toppers, footpaths, landscaping and borders Actual Sizing: Graded 4-10mm Colour: Pale buff/cream colour darkening once wet Shape: Angular chippings Material: Limestone
  • Cotswold Chippings 10-20mm Cotswold Chippings 10-20mm Applications: Suitable for drives and footpaths, garden borders, raised flower beds, plant pot dressing and in decorative rockeries Actual Sizing: Graded between 10-20mm Colour: Pale buff/cream colour darkening when wet Shape: Angular Cotswold Stone gravel
  • Golden Gravel (Corn) 6mm Golden Corn Gravel 6mm Applications: Pebble dashing, pot toppers, landscaping designs, decorative garden areas, roofing, water features, ponds, aquatics and rockeries Actual Sizing: Graded 3-8mm washed product Colour: Blend of gold, brown and yellow, with cream and some grey Shape
  • Horticultural Grit 1-4mm Horticultural Grit 1-4mm Applications: Gardens, green houses, plant pot drainage (when mixed with soil), decorative landscaping, water features, pots and containers and ponds. Actual Sizing: Graded between 1-4mm with some variance likely due to the nature of the material Colour: 
  • White Limestone Gravel 6mm White Limestone Gravel 6mm Applications: Zen Gardens, pot topping, decorative garden projects and landscaping Actual Sizing: Graded 3-8mm Colour: Almost white when dry and darkening to a pastel grey when wet Shape: Angular gravel chippings Material: Limestone
  • Ashton Cream Chippings 3-8mm Ashton Cream Chippings 3-8mm Applications: Pebble dashing, decorative ground covering, pot topping and landscaping Colour: A blend of white and shades of beige and cream Shape: Angular gravel chippings Material: Marble/Dolomite
  • Black & White Chippings 3-8mm Black & White Chippings 3-8mm Applications: Pebbles dashing, pot topping, decorative garden borders, rockeries and paving filler Actual Sizing: Washed & graded 3-8mm Colour: White with black pieces (Mixed Approximately 10% Black & 90% White) Shape: Angular gravel Material
  • Canterbury Spar 3-8mm Canterbury Spar Dashing 3-8mm Applications: Pot topping, pebble dashing, landscaping schemes, decorative borders, paving filler and rockeries Actual sizing: Washed and graded between 3-8mm Colour: Mix of salmon pink, grey, white, black and brown. Shape: Angular chippings Material: 
  • Derbyshire Spar Alternative 3-8mm Derbyshire Spar Alternative 3-8mm Applications: Pebble dashing, pot topping, roofing, landscaping and decorative garden projects Acual sizing: Washed and graded between 3-8mm Colour: A pastel mix of cream, buff and grey that darkens when wet Shape: Angular chippings Material: Calcitic blend
  • Flamingo® Gravel 3-8mm Flamingo® Gravel 3-8mm Applications: Pebble dashing, plant pot topper, filler between paving slabs, landscaping and garden decoration. Actual sizing: Graded between 3 -8mm Colour: Pink, white, peach, grey and blue, darkening when wet Shape: Angular chippings Material: Marble

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