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  • Angel Marbled Monolith Undrilled Angel Marbled Monolith Undrilled Applications: Suitable for landscaping features or as a focal point in a garden rockery or border Actual Sizing: 700-1100mm and weighing up to around... and grey detail Material: Gneiss Please note: Our Monoliths are large, heavy stones, so care
  • Apricot Monolith Undrilled Apricot Monolith Undrilled  Applications: Garden rockeries or as a focal point in a larger landscaping scheme Actual Sizing: Large 700-1100mm & Small 400-600mm approx. - weight around 50-150kg (Please note: Images are for display as colour & size may vary) Colour: 
  • Lilac Monolith Undrilled Lilac Monolith Undrilled Applications: Focal point decoration are any landscaping project, garden rockery or ornamental water features Actual Sizing: Standing at between 700-1100mm in height, weighing between 75kg & 200kg (Not drilled) Colour: Predominantly white with veins
  • Bordeaux Monolith Undrilled Bordeaux Monolith Undrilled Applications: Decorative garden and landscaping project features and rockeries Actual Sizing: Large measures 700-1100mm high, weighing around 80-200kg - Small is between 400-600mm (NOT DRILLED) Colour: Named Bordeaux due to the deep wine shade of red
  • Black Angel Monolith Undrilled Black Angel Monolith NOT Drilled Applications: Used as a feature stone in a traditional garden rockery or landscaping focal point Actual Sizing: Measuring approx. 600-1000mm in height when stood... as pictured Shape: Irregular monolith with a flat base Material: Marble Supply: Individually
  • Large Shale/Slate Monolith 1 Large Slate Monolith 1 Application: Decorative landscaping, larger rockeries & aquatics, natural seating area, zoo & wildlife park animal enclosure, car park Actual Sizing: Measuring approx... that darkens when wet  Shape: Irregular rectangular monolithic shape Stone: Shale/Slate
  • Angel Marble Monolith Drilled Angel Marble Monolith Drilled Applications: Landscaping projects, as a garden feature stone or decorative ornamental water fountain Actual Sizing: Monoliths measuring 700-1100mm in height... Please note: The Large Monoliths are heavy stones, so care must be taken when lifting and we suggest
  • Apricot Monolith Drilled Apricot Monolith Drilled Applications: Used as a focal point in garden rockeries and landscaping projects, or as an ornamental water feature once connected to a source Actual Sizing: Large Measures between 700-1100mm whenstood & Small are 400-600mm - Weight as 50-210kg dependent
  • Lilac Monolith Drilled Lilac Monolith Drilled Applications: Ideal as an ornamental garden water fountain, for a garden rockery or as a stone feature in any landscaping scheme Actual Sizing: Small 400-600mm &...: Monoliths large and heavy pieces of stone, so care should be taken when moving with at least 2 people
  • Bordeaux Monolith Drilled Bordeaux Monolith Drilled Applications: Landscaping schemes, garden feature stones, rockeries or as a focal point in an ornamental water feature Actual Sizing: Measuring around 700-1100mm... and deep red with occasional veins of white Material: Quartzite Please note: These large monoliths

Your search found 11 results

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