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  • White Cobbles 40-90mm White Cobbles 40-90mm Applications: Landscaping schemes, decorative water features, gabion baskets, garden borders and rockeries Actual Sizing: Graded 40-90mm Colour: Predominantly white with a natural sparkle Shape: Irregular rounded cobbles Material: Dolomite
  • White Cobbles 60-120mm White Cobbles 60-120mm Applications: Traditional garden rockeries, contemporary ornamental...: Bright white when dry, darkening slightly when wet as this is a very porous stone Shape: Naturally rounded, irregular cobbles Material: Dolomite Availability: Supplied in pallet quantities of 20kg
  • White Boulders 250mm White Boulder 250mm Applications: Landscaping, gabion filler stone, garden rockeries and borders or decorative water features Actual Sizing: Graded between 150-300mm Colour: Bright white, darkening when wet with occasional orangey brown detail Shape: Rounded, irregular pieces Material
  • Scottish Cobbles & Boulders 100-200mm Scottish Cobbles & Boulders 100-200mm Applications: Borders, gabion baskets, landscaping schemes, decorative garden rockeries, water features fish ponds and aquatics Actual Sizing: Sized... that deepen when wet Shape: Well rounded irregular cobbles Material: Granite
  • Polar White Chippings 8-11mm Polar White Chippings 8-11mm Applications: Landscaping projects, borders, footpaths, drives, rockeries and water features. Actual Sizing: 8-11mm with slight variation possible Colour:  White when dry - darkens when wet. There will also be some grey, rust and buff inclusions. Shape
  • White Limestone Gravel 6mm White Limestone Gravel 6mm Applications: Zen Gardens, pot topping, decorative garden projects and landscaping Actual Sizing: Graded 3-8mm Colour: Almost white when dry and darkening to a pastel grey when wet Shape: Angular gravel chippings Material: Limestone
  • White Limestone Gravel 10mm White Limestone Gravel 10mm Applications: Decorative garden areas, landscaping, borders, drive and foot paths. Actual sizing: 6-10mm Colour: Very pale grey, almost white that darkens when wet Shape: Angular Material: Limestone
  • White Limestone Gravel 20mm White Limestone Gravel 20mm Applications: Driveways and decorative footpaths, garden borders, raised flower beds and decorative rockeries. Actual Sizing: Graded 10-20mm with some variance possilbe Colour: Pale grey that darkens when wet Shape: Angular gravel chippings Material
  • Black & White Chippings 3-8mm Black & White Chippings 3-8mm Applications: Pebbles dashing, pot topping, decorative garden borders, rockeries and paving filler Actual Sizing: Washed & graded 3-8mm Colour: White with black pieces (Mixed Approximately 10% Black & 90% White) Shape: Angular gravel Material
  • Polar White Dashing 3-8mm Polar White Dashing 3-8mm Applications: Pebble dashing, pot topping, landscaping and garden borders Actual Sizing: 3-8mm - washed  Colour: Sparkly white, darkening slightly when wet with some very pale grey and buff inclusions Shape: Angular gravel Material: Dolomite

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