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Paddlestones - Plum, Green & Blue

Plum, Green and Blue Slate Paddlestones 50-100mm in size, perfect for use around ponds or any water feature.  Tumbled to provide a smoother more rounded product and larger in size than the popular 20mm or 40mm sized slate chippings.  larger 150-300mm "Celtic" Paddlestones are now available in Crates of approximately 500 pieces.

Slate paddlestones are a bi-product of slate roof tile manufacturing, and are 'fish friendly' so safe for use near fish. All Slate looks much darker when wet and lightens as it dries. These slate paddlestones will add an extra element to any pond or water feature. They will retain their colour when dry or wet to create a stunning effect that will make your garden look incredible. 

See below for the colours available.

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