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The Stone Warehouse Slate and Paddlestones range includes all Slate Gravel & Chippings, Paddlestones, and Slate Rockery.

To help narrow your search, we have sub-sections for each range with convenient filters to refine the display specific to your needs.

  • Slate Gravel & Chippings has  20mm and 40mm angular chippings for garden gravel paths, lawn borders, raised beds, fishponds, and water features.
  • Slate Paddlestones: A collection of tumbled, smooth, flat, and rounded paddlestones for edging paths, Gabion Basket filling, fishponds, or pondless waterfalls.
  • Slate Rockery large slate pieces used for garden stone rockeries, fishponds, or to build a decorative garden wall or pondless waterfall.
  • Slate Feature Stones includes our range of larger slate feature stones & slate monoliths, perfect for ornamental water features, fishponds, and swim pools, used as islands in a Japanese garden, or as part of a garden stone rockery.

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Frequently asked questions about slate & paddlestones

Where can you use slate chippings?

Slate chippings are extremely versatile and are popular additions to the garden.

Due to the fish-friendly nature of the slate, using it as an attractive edging to ponds and water features will give a practical and eye-catching result. This is also true of slate paddlestones.

Slate paddlestones are tumbled to create a smooth surface with rounded edges, perfect for path borders, rockeries or fishponds.

Both chippings and slate paddlestones can add a stunning splash of colour to your outdoor space. Our Plum Slate Paddlestones look stunning when both dry and wet.

Slate chippings are suitable for rockeries, mulch, or ground cover.

You can find further information on our slate paddlestones Product Page.

What do you put under slate chippings?

When putting down slate chippings and slate paddlestones, there's always a risk that weeds will be able to find their way through. This is because slate chippings are porous, so as with any loose aggregate, you need to take extra steps early to prevent problems.

Applying a layer of weed prevention membrane to the ground before spreading the stones, such as the Groundtex - Polypropylene Weed Membrane, will help to prevent weed growth and keep your stones looking tidy for longer.

Do you need to put membrane under slate chippings?

As with any loose aggregate, adding membrane before you lay your chippings or slate paddlestones will help keep weeds at bay.

However, it's important to have a sturdy base before reaching for the weed-prevention membrane. Once you've dug a trench in your chosen area, be it for a pathway or as edging for ponds, you'll need to line it with crushed stone (an approximate amount of 10cm). Once you have spread the crushed stone, it will need compacting with a wacker plate or a compactor.

Can I use slate chippings for a driveway?

There are many benefits to using slate chippings for your driveway, and the two make a great pairing. Because the small stones interlock, they create a durable surface that copes well with both vehicle and foot traffic. It is also suitable because it is an affordable and low-maintenance choice, and the injection of colour will provide instant curb appeal.

Many people also appreciate the additional home security they get from using chippings for a driveway, due to the noise it makes from footsteps or a moving vehicle.

One thing to note is that you must remember to edge your driveway with discreet or decorative edging, depending on your taste. This stops any soil from your borders from seeping into the chippings, making the driveway look untidy.

What is a paddle stone?

Paddlestones are decorative aggregates that are formed through tumbling. You can recognise their smooth, flat shape, rounded edges, and larger size when compared to chippings.

Slate paddlestones share these characteristics but combine the unique shape with the stunning colour palette of slate to provide outdoor spaces with a chic, elegant look even when wet. Our ranges include:

Slate Gravel & Chippings

Our 20mm & 40mm angular chippings are perfect for garden gravel paths, lawn borders and raised beds. Take a look at our chippings in stunning Plum Slate here.

Slate Paddlestones

Our beautiful slate paddlestones are a collection of tumbled, smooth, flat and rounded paddlestones that can be applied to many different landscaping projects.

Their stylish colour of slate paddlestones can brighten up edging, Gabion Baskets, ponds, or pondless waterfalls. Browse our stock of slate paddlestones here.

Slate Rockery

These large slate pieces can be used for garden stone rockeries or to build decorative garden walls or water features.

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