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Slate Chippings, Gravel, Mulch

Has that water feature you’ve installed got a somewhat artificial look?  Is it in need of some colour?  If so, our purple slate chippings could enhance any water feature immeasurably.  We provide slate chippings in an assortment of different eye-grabbing colours to bring your water feature or pond to life.  Our slate chippings come in two sizes and are available in CharcoalGreenBlue and Plum colours.  We can also supply Slate Mulch which is excellent for pot dressing, paths and decorative landscaping.

Slate chipping looks great around ponds and water features, but it also works really well on flower beds. The membrane the slate chips sit on prevents weeds from ruining your flower bed and gives your garden a clean, professional looking finish. 

Before buying slate chippings we recommend you use our gravel calculator to work out precisely how much aggregate you will need for your project. This way you will only need one batch of gravel delivered and won't have to keep ordering more.

Stone Warehouse Suggests...  Add some contrast to your planting scheme by surrounding the flowers with green / purple slate chippings.

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