Charcoal Slate Chippings 20mm

An alternative size to our 40mm Charcoal Slate, the 20mm chippings feature the same grey colour, darkening to near black when wet, but are graded between 5-30mm in size (Please see our sizing info). Also known as Black Slate, this material is a popular choice for any garden border, raised bed or rockery and it is an inert, "fish friendly" stone, can also be used for aquatic designs, fish ponds or decorative water features. Perfect for creating a contemporary looking landscaping design, or as a part of an oriental style garden, why not combine your purchase with our larger Charcoal Slate Rockery? Or, create a contrast with our other Slate colours; BluePlum or Green Slate, each available in 20mm & 40mm grades.

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  • Charcoal Slate Chippings 20mm
  • Charcoal Slate Chippings 20mm
  • Charcoal Slate Chippings 20mm
  • Charcoal Slate Chippings 20mm
  • Charcoal Slate Chippings 20mm
  • Charcoal Slate Chippings 20mm

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Charcoal Slate Chippings 20mm

Applications: Decorative landscaping projects, garden borders, raised beds and rockeries, pathways, ornamental water features, fish ponds and aquatics

Actual Sizing: Graded 5-30mm, with variance likely due to the nature of the material

Colour: Charcoal grey that darkens to almost black when wet, with occasional inclusions 

Shape: Flatter angular chippings

Material: Natural Slate which is a Metamorphic, Foliated form of Sedimentary Shale 

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    Plum Slate Chippings 20mm

    Plum Slate chippings 20mm are a recycled, natural Welsh slate product that is a plum/blue colour and is suitable for a variety of decorative applications including garden borders and landscaping projects. The product is fish friendly and the colours really come out when wet so is also the ideal choice for water features, fish ponds and rockeries. It is also used as a covering for pathways and as it's a smaller size beds together well with a "flatter" more comfortable walking surface when compared with larger sizes. The pictures show the product wet and dry. Graded 20mm but includes pieces measuring between 5–30mm, once laid the smaller pieces will work their way down to form a mulch bed with the larger pieces on show. For larger grades, please see our Plum Slate Chippings 40mm and our Plum Slate Paddlestones 50-100mm. Please see our sizing info.

    Please note: Our current stocks of plum slate are similar in colour to that of the blue.

  • Green Slate Chippings 20mm

    Green Slate Chippings 20mm

    Green Slate chippings 20mm are particularly effective for borders, water features and other landscaping projects. This recycled eco-friendly and versatile product has a natural subtle green colour which blends well into any garden environment. Green slate tends to be chunkier than our plum or blue slate and as with all slates looks beautiful when wet. The pictures show the product wet and dry. This size is a good size for paths as it tends to bed together better than the larger 40mm Green Slate to form a flatter walking surface. The actual size of the product is between 5–30mm. Please see our sizing info.

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  • Blue Slate Chippings 20mm

    Blue Slate Chippings 20mm

    Our natural recycled Blue Slate Chippings 20mm are one of our most popular decorative aggregates. Also refered to as Welsh Slate with a blue/grey/plum colour that darkens when wet, they are suitable for garden borders, landscaping projects, pathways and due to being a fish friendly product also can be used in water features, ponds and aquatics. The pictures show the product wet and dry. We also stock a larger Blue Slate Chippings 40mm, along with our Blue Paddlestones 50-100mm and our Large Slate Paddlestones, all of which are also available in a variety of other colour options. Please see our sizing info.

    Please note our current stock is similar to our Plum Slate.
  • Charcoal Slate Chippings 40mm

    Charcoal Slate Chippings 40mm

    Our Charcoal Slate 40mm, also known as Black Slate, is an attractive, chunky graphite grey that appears almost black when wet for a contemporary finish. Since it's launch, the Charcoal has increased in popularity, being used for garden borders, raised beds and rockeries, for landscaping projects, property developments and as it is an inert "fish friendly" material, it's also used for ornamental water features, ponds and aquatics. Including pieces measuring between 30-50mm, sourced from quaries who produce slate tiling, our slate chippings are a recycled byproduct, so are a more sustainable choice. We also offer BluePlum & Green Slate colours, as alternative or complementary additions to create an attractive contrast. Or for larger pieces, have a look at our Charcoal Slate Rockery.

  • Charcoal Slate Rockery

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    Also known as Black Slate or Graphite Grey Rockery, this attractive Slate Rockery stone has become a popular choice with landscapers & gardeners alike. The flat, angular pieces allow these pieces to also be used for decorative walling projects or as a Gabion basket filler, the angular shaped stones fitting together for an improved finished. Appearing a darker colour when wet, the Charcoal Slate is also a popular for water features, and as Slate is an inert "fish friendly" material, it's also suitable for fish ponds too. Including irregularly shaped stones, graded at around 250mm, why not create a contrast with another of our slate rockery colours? BlueGreen & Plum, or for a little extra suface detail, our Cornish and Rustic Slate Rockeries are also very popular.

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