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Slate & Paddlestones

We stock a full range of slate items to meet a wide array of varying requirements. From our Large Slate Paddlestones to our extremely popular Slate Chippings, we have the perfect product for you, whatever your need.

We have all kinds of colours and styles of slate to match perfectly what you need for your project; including blue slate paddlestones and Welsh slate chippings. Slate and slate chips are excellent materials for use in gardens, driveways or anywhere else as they create a stunning finish that will make your garden look amazing.  

So, whether you want some Slate Paddlestones to bring colour to your pond or Slate Rockery to create an attractive water feature, you’re sure to find something that will enhance your outdoor space.

Take a look at our products for some ideas and inspiration. How big a statement do you want to make?

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