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Plum Slate Paddlestones

The Plum Paddlestones are a recycled product in a larger size to our other slate chippings and are tumbled for a smooth and more rounded edge. As a fish friendly product they are very popular for water features and ponds but are also used for rockeries, borders and decorative landscaping. For those looking for something smaller, we also offer Plum Slate 20mm and Plum 40mm Chippings that have a more angular profile as alternatives or complementary additions. Our Paddlestones are also available in Blue & Green Slate colour choices. Please see our Sizing Info.

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  • Plum Slate Paddlestones
  • Plum Slate Paddlestones
  • Plum Slate Paddlestones
  • Plum Slate Paddlestones

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Plum Paddlestones 50-100mm

Applications: Landscaping and decorative garden projects, borders, ponds, rockeries and water features

Actual Sizing: Graded 50-100mm with smaller pieces possible

Colour: Purple with shades of blue

Shape: Flat and smooth with rounded edges

Material: Slate 

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    Green Slate Paddlestones

    Our Green Slate Paddlestones 50-100mm differ in shape to our Slate Chippings as they have been tumbled to produce more rounded edges and a smoother surface. Suitable for all decorative garden projects and landscaping and is a fish friendly product can be used in water features, rockeries and ponds. The pictures show the prodcut wet and dry. For other sizes of this product please see Green Slate Chippings 20mm and for a complementary decorative size, our Green Slate Chippings 40mm works well. We also stock Paddlestones in Plum and Blue options which when combined with the green to create a striking colour contrast, particularly when wet. Please see our sizing info.

    Prices shown below include VAT & Delivery - with no hidden extras.
  • Blue Slate Paddlestones

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    Blue Slate Paddlestones 50-100mm are a recycled blue/plum slate product that is tumbled to produce a smooth finish with more rounded edges. It is widely used as decoration around fish ponds or in water features and fountains. They are also popular for stone rockeries, rasied beds and garden borders and can create an attractive contrast with another of our available colours, Green Paddlestones or our Plum Paddlestones. If you like our slate material but need a smaller size why not have a look at our Blue Slate 20mm or the chunkier 40mm Blue Slate Chippings. Please see our Sizing Info. We also stock a larger size slate paddlestone also know as Celtic Paddlestones.

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    Prices shown below include VAT & Delivery - with no hidden extras. 
  • Plum Slate Chippings 20mm

    Plum Slate Chippings 20mm

    Plum Slate chippings 20mm are a recycled, natural Welsh slate product that is a plum/blue colour and is suitable for a variety of decorative applications including garden borders and landscaping projects. The product is fish friendly and the colours really come out when wet so is also the ideal choice for water features, fish ponds and rockeries. It is also used as a covering for pathways and as it's a smaller size beds together well with a "flatter" more comfortable walking surface when compared with larger sizes. The pictures show the product wet and dry. Graded 20mm but includes pieces measuring between 5–30mm, once laid the smaller pieces will work their way down to form a mulch bed with the larger pieces on show. For larger grades, please see our Plum Slate Chippings 40mm and our Plum Slate Paddlestones 50-100mm. Please see our sizing info.

    Please note: Our current stocks of plum slate are similar in colour to that of the blue.

  • Plum Slate Chippings 40mm

    Plum Slate Chippings 40mm

    Our recycled Plum Slate chippings 40mm, also referred to as Welsh Slate are a perfect addition to any landscape, featuring aesthetically pleasing shades of purple, blue and indigo particularly when wet. A popular choice for water features and ponds as is a fish friendly material. It is also suitable for use in borders and landscaping projects. The pictures show the product wet and dry.We also stock a smaller Plum Slate Chippings 20mm and larger Plum Slate Paddlestones 50-100mm. Why not combine the Plum with one of our other colour slates, also available in smaller and larger sizes to create a contrasting feature. Please see our sizing info. Please note our current stocks of plum are similar in colour to the blue.

    Prices shown below include delivery & VAT - with no hidden extras.