Plum Slate Chippings 20mm

Bulk Bag (Approx. 800kg)
From £115.00 inc VAT
Plum Slate Chippings 20mm
Plum Slate Chippings 20mm
Plum Slate Chippings 20mm
Plum Slate Chippings 20mm
Plum Slate Chippings 20mm
Plum Slate Chippings 20mm
Plum Slate Chippings 20mm
Plum Slate Chippings 20mm
Plum Slate Chippings 20mm
Plum Slate Chippings 20mm

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Bulk Bag (Approx. 800kg)
Bulk Bag
(Approx. 800kg)
Product £115.00
Delivery Surcharge TBC
From £115.00
Prices include VAT
Half Bulk Bag (Approx. 500kg)
Half Bulk Bag
(Approx. 500kg)
Product £94.00
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From £94.00
Prices include VAT
50 Bags (Approx. 1000kg)
50 Bags
(Approx. 1000kg)
Product £156.50
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21 Bags (Approx. 420kg)
21 Bags
(Approx. 420kg)
Product £126.50
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7 Bags (Approx. 140kg)
7 Bags
(Approx. 140kg)
Product £91.50
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Sample (Approx. 200g)
(Approx. 200g)
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Plum Slate Chippings 20mm

Our Welsh Plum Slate Chippings 20mm are sourced directly from the Quarry in Caernarfon, North Wales.

Our Plum Slate Chippings 20mm decorative aggregates boast beautiful purple/blue colours that deepen when wet.

If you are attempting to match your previously laid plum slate to top up or extend the area, please order a sample before your main purchase.

Perfect for footpaths & more!

Also known as purple slate chippings, plum slate decorative aggregates are ideal for garden pathways, borders, flower beds, rockeries, ornamental water features, fishponds and pot toppers. Our plum slate chippings are fish-friendly!

Graded at 20mm, plum slate chippings are a great choice for footpaths as the shape and size means they bed together well for a comfortable walking surface. Once laid, the smaller pieces will form a mulch bed with the larger and more decorative pieces on display.

Beyond their aesthetic charm, and beatiful rich colour, plum slate plays a practical role by aiding in weed prevention and retaining soil moisture during dry periods, making them a valuable choice for gardeners.

Plum Slate Useful Tip

It's useful to note that plum slate, or any slate may subtly alter the pH levels of soil or water features, so consideration is advised for delicate plants or aquatic elements in your landscaping plans.

Recycled Fish Friendly

Plum Slate Chippings 20mm

Plum slate chippings Applications: 

Garden footpaths, lawn borders, raised flower beds, decorative garden stone rockeries, pot toppers, ornamental water features and fishponds.

Plum Slate Chippings Actual Sizing:

Graded 5-30mm due to the soft nature of the stone. Please see our sizing guide here.

Plum Slate Colour: 

Shades of purple and plum with some occasional bluish shades that appear a pale grey colour when dry

Plum Slate Shape:

Angular, flat plum/purple slate pieces 

Plum Slate Material:

Premium Welsh Slate

Plum Slate Texture:


Our slate is available in a bulk bag or 20kg bags on a pallet.


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