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Slate Rockery

Our slate rockery products are equally at home in a water feature as they are in soil and always add that touch of class to the average rockery.

Available in a selection of sizes, textures and colours including Blue, Plum and Green, or if you're looking for something a little different, we also stock the CornishRustic Slate Rockery stones. Our slate rockery has a smoother surface than the other Rockery Stones we also offer.

Slate rockery stone is a great addition to any water feature, be it fountain or pond. It creates a neat, clean finish to the water feature and compliments your gardens.

If you’re after something a little bigger, we also provide Large Slate Paddlestones that are perfect for use as stepping stones or in general landscaping.

Stone Warehouse Suggests...

Combine slate rockery with Slate Chippings to create the ultimate dramatic garden.

Before ordering any kind of slate rockery stone or slate chipping, use our gravel calculator to work out exactly how much slate you need.

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