How-To Videos

We have created a selection of 'How To' videos designed to make transforming your outdoor space as stress free as possible. Each video comes with a handy downloadable 'How To' guide. If you have any further questions or need any advice, please call our friendly sales team on 01629 636 212.

How To Lay Gravel

Gravel offers an attractive, low maintenance option for your garden or landscaping scheme. Laying it correctly the first time around will ensure you get the most out of your products so we have created this handy ‘How To’ video that will guide you through the process.

How To Lay Membrane

Putting a membrane down underneath your gravel or stone will not only help prevent weeds but will also help to keep the stone looking cleaner for longer. Our useful ‘How To’ video gives you advice on both choosing the type of membrane most suited to your project and using that membrane.

How To Create Gabion Baskets

Gabion baskets can be used within a garden scheme to create a unique and tailored look in the form of a wall, decorative feature or seating area. We have created this helpful ‘How To’ video to give you advice on both putting your gabion basket together along with suggestions on filling it.


A PDF to accompany each video can be found below:

How to lay Gravel

How to Lay Membrane

How to use Gabion Baskets

Each PDF is around 8Mb which may take a while to download on slower connections.