Pallet Network Problems

Our Pallet Networks are currently seeing an overwhelming increase in volumes and in some areas in excess of 100% uplift above the normal seasonal peaks. This in term has allured to the perfect storm being experienced and has put a posed a significant challenge for the industry. 

There are currently some delivery delays in the postcode areas listed below:



Premium Service is now on 2 day and Economy is on a 3-day delivery.

KA1-28, 29, 30 / /FK4-9, FK1-21/ G1-4, 9-31 33-40, 51-70, G77-79, G80-90/ PA1-38, PA41-49, PA60-78,80/PH42-44

EH14 Standard Economy Only

Suspended Service until 27th September

KW15-17, ZE


HS, IV40-49, 51, 54-56,

IV1-36, 52, 53, 63, 99 - KW1-14 - PH19-41, 49, 50



Premium service remains Economy now 3 days.

NE2-4, NE6-11, NE28-38, NE50-60, NE 82-83, NE85,88,92,98,99

SR postcodes.

3-day Premium and 4-day Economy

NE1-5 NE12-27 NE39-49 NE61-77 TD12-15


Northwest & Yorkshire

2 Day Premium service 3 Day Economy

BD2-10 BD13-15 BD20-24 BD98-99

FY – PR1-4 PR11, LA, CA



Premium Service Remains and Economy is 3 days.

NP4, 7, 8,10-13, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, 22, 24, 25, 26 & 44




2 Day Premium and 3-day Economy

CV1-8 LE11-12 LE55, LE65, LE67

Standard Premium and Eco only no timed deliveries in NG

Suspended service until 22nd September – CV35-37


South Central

2 Day Premium and 3-day Economy

OX4, OX10-14 BH SP6-8

3 Day Premium and 5 Day Economy

OX1-3 OX5-7 OX9 OX18, OX20, OX26-29 OX33, OX39 OX44, OX49



Premium 2-day service and 3-day Economy

CB6-7 CB24-25 NR19-23 PE 11-16 PE30-38, LN1-6,9-10 NG34

Economy 5-day service only in

SP1-5 SP9-11 SO20, SO97, RG19 RG21-26 RG28-29



Economy 3 days Premium remains (No AM, timed or Saturday deliveries Available)

EX, TA1-4 TA21-24 TQ1-14 PL10-20 PL22-35 TR1-27 PL1-9 PL22

2-day Premium and 3-day Economy in

BA1-2, BA2-22 & TA6



No Service until Monday 20th September SE, DA5-8 14-18 E and IG

Premium Service 2 days and Economy 3 days in

SW1A, SW1E, SW1H, SW1P, SW1V, SWIW SW1X, SW1Y, SW3, SW5, SW6, SW7, SW10



No Service for a minimum of 2 weeks to NN11 8LR



No service foe a week to Iceland CH5 2HW


Following the re-opening of retail and the food & drink industry, they have seen both the initial surge of businesses stocking up on supplies and subsequently perpetual replenishing of stocks all being sent through the network and this has been a major driving force in these unprecedented volumes. In addition to this, has seen the re-opening of self-catered staycations and these self-catering holiday facilities have also been a significant contributor to a demand that has outgrown resource in various areas of the country, in particular the Southwest and South East, as well as parts of the North West.

There has also been the announcement from Road Haulage Association on driver shortages and how this has significantly impacted the sector. Pre-Covid, the industry was suffering a shortage of drivers in excess of 250,000, and since the pandemic hit last year, this number has continued to rise. With the cancellation of tests due to the pandemic the number of new passes has reduced from the thousands to the hundreds for this year to date. Following the exit of many EU drivers who went back to their native countries as a result of Brexit, subsequent legislative requirements are proving too restrictive for them to return and work in the UK.

When this pandemic hit and many logistics companies saw an initial impact of reduced volumes, they took the sensible decision to ‘right-size’ their businesses to ensure survival. This meant reducing truck and trailer fleets, which led to the subsequent knock-on effect on manufacturers causing them to reduce their production facilities. This has again created its own perfect storm where they are seeing increased lead times and backlogs for new trucks and trailers as demand in the sector soars.

With all the above impacting supply chains industry wide simultaneously, it will take some time for the demand to be satisfied and the sector to be fully resourced again to allow it to return to normality. In the meantime, our hauliers would like to thank you for your time and patience during this extremely busy time